Introduction to the Deniliquin Library

The Deniliquin Library is situated in Gorman Park, in the centre of Deniliquin opposite the picturesque Waring Gardens.

Deniliquin Library has been operating as Central Murray Regional Public Library since opening in the Mechanics Institute and School of Arts in 1946 before relocating to a building next to the Town Hall. We have been in the current purpose built library since 1993, with extensive renovations increasing the size of the building to make it more user friendly in 2008.

Deniliquin Branch Location
Gorman Park, 55 Napier Street Deniliquin NSW 2710


About Us

Our Mission
To provide the community with free and equal access to relevant informational, educational and recreational resources in a welcoming and safe environment.

Central Murray Regional Public Library aims to provide a library service that ensures free access to recreational and educational materials derived from sources representing a range of preferences and views, and to encourage an aware and participative community.

Our services will be based on the core values of quality, efficiency, relevance and accountability.

We will provide equity of access to library resources and facilities.

We will maintain direct and open communication and cooperation between the library and all its stakeholders.

With these statements in mind it is our intention to provide a service which will meet your needs.

Service Availability:

 Anyone who lives, works or studies in the Deniliquin, Conargo, or Murray Shires may become a library member. Visitors are welcome

 Libraries will be open at the advertised time

In Deniliquin and Mathoura Library you are entitled to expect:

 Well maintained libraries which offer a pleasant and welcoming environment

 A wide choice of library stock for all sections of the community

 The provision of, or referral to, information on any subject

 Computer facilities including access to the Internet

 Newspapers and periodicals

 Information on community resources

 Study space

 Photocopying and fax facilities

Our Library Staff will:

 Treat members of the public fairly and equitably and with respect, courtesy, compassion and sensitivity

 Be well trained and knowledgeable about library facilities and services

 Be identifiable by name badge

 Offer prompt, timely and helpful attention to all without bias

 Meet agreed deadlines for the completion of inquiries.


 Complaints (and suggestion) forms are available at the Libraries

 You can discuss any concern with the staff who will assist you or refer you to an appropriate person

 Speak to, write, email, phone or fax the Manager Regional Library Services

 Write to the General Manager of Deniliquin, Conargo or Murray Councils

 When advised of a formal complaint the Manager will make every effort to contact you within 24 hours, and certainly within five working days.

 The Manager will investigate the complaint and advise you of the outcome as soon as possible.

Deniliquin Library is the larger of the two branch libraries that constitute the Central Murray Regional Public Library.

The other library branch is in the Mathoura Information and Business Centre, situated in Mathoura, to the south of Deniliquin.

The Central Murray Regional Public Library provides public library services for the residents of Edward River and Murray River Councils and the surrounding shires.